COVID-19 is not over, light of the World warns

COVID-19 is not over, light of the World warns
Jiji Stephen, the Community Based Rehabilitation officer for Light for the World. [Alex Bullen, The City Review]

You should continue exercising caution and wearing face masks as the fight against COVID-19 is not over, the Light for the World organization has warned.

The country has reported 17,823 COVID-19 cases since the outbreak in April 2020, and it is likely to increase further if people continue to ignore preventive measures.

Although the figure does establish the percentage with which cases are rising, the organization warned that the pandemic “is not over” because the country is still reporting daily cases.

Jiji Stephen, Light for the World Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Officer, said it is important for people to continue taking COVID-19 precautions to reduce the spread of dangerous diseases.

He said that the daily rise in positive cases has been reported by both the nation’s health ministry and the World Health Organization (WHO), which everyone should interpret as evidence that the virus is still there.

“We are here to donate the face masks that were brought from Europe to the ministry of health to help the person with a disability and include others who do not have disabilities to prevent further spread to the public,” Jiji explained.

“The ministry of health and WHO have not delivered or notified people that the disease is over; instead it is reporting new cases daily, which means we are still living under the pandemic, so we need to continue taking preventive measures,” he continued.

He was speaking after donating 20 boxes of face masks to the ministry of health in Juba. In each box, there are 3,600 face masks.

Meanwhile, Moses Jongu, senior inspector of CMS at the ministry of health said the face masks would help the public in controlling the increase of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

“Daily rising case rates over the past few weeks are a vital reminder that COVID-19 has not disappeared, despite the absence of legislative constraints,” he said.

He urged people to exercise caution for the time being and urged everyone to continue playing their part by reducing their risk of spreading the illness.

“Let’s keep watching out for one another and acknowledge that the pandemic has not yet ended. This means continuing to wear face masks in crowded places,” he concluded.