“Youth can now breath”: Gola reacts to Albino’s sacking

“Youth can now breath”: Gola reacts to Albino’s sacking

The Chairperson of South Sudan’s National Youth Union, Gola Boyoi Gola, has hailed the sacking of the country’s youth and sports minister, Dr. Albino Bol, terming it a reprieve for the youth.

Gola took to Facebook to praise President Salva Kiir for the changes in the youth and sports ministry.
“Thank you, my President; the youth of South Sudan can now breathe,” the chairperson of the youth union said.

The two youth leaders have been in conflict since May 2022, when Bol suspended Gola, accusing him of violating protocol and exceeding his authority.

Gola was later reinstated in office on December 7, 2022, after publicly apologizing to Bol, the minister, on November 25.

Although Bol overturned the suspension and restored Gola to allow him to resume his duties, their working relationship never improved.

Fresh squabbles have erupted between the two in recent days, with Gola accusing the minister of undermining their efforts to host youth elections in December.

He claimed that Bol had a plan to hold the union in order to disrupt the convention.

“The Union will brief the media and explain to the youth fraternity the efforts being egocentrically exerted by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Albino Bol, in an attempt to divide the Union and completely frustrate and paralyze the process of the 3rd National Youth Convention,” Gola said in the statement.

According to Gola, the minister neglected the focus on the youth convention and instead used the council meeting to divide them.