You will be fined SSP 200k for illegal dumping

You will be fined SSP 200k for illegal dumping
Uncollected garbage has become a common phenomenon in Juba. [Photo: Keji Janefer]

​Have you ever thrown a used plastic water bottle through the window of a moving car or dropped a plastic paper bag (kavera) on the road?

Well, next time you do that you may have to set aside some SSP 50, 000 to splash out.

The City Council of Juba will now impose an excess of SSP 200, 000 fine on businesses established that do not dispose of their waste properly.

City Mayor Michael Allah-Jabu Lado Thomas early this week signed an order that makes it criminal to dispose of waste.

“Any person/company and found in the process of littering, transfer of garbage from one location to another, dumping waste along or in the middle of the road or Infront of the business or residents or along tarmac or marram roads and market areas within Juba City Council shall be apprehended and fined SSP 200,000,” reads the order.

Individuals hired to ferry garbage for dumping in unauthorized locations shall be fined SSP 50,000.

Alternatively, you will serve a prison term not exceeding two months if you can’t part with the fine.

“I do hereby issue this local order for the total ban of littering plastics bottles, regulation and control of unrecognized waste disposal and ban of accumulating garbage and dumping along streets and in the middle of main roads and Infront of shops and residences” added the Mayor.

Households who illegally dispose of the waste shall pay a fine of not less than SSP 10,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding one month or both.

On the other hand, businesses that allow littering of bottles and any form of waste infront of their shops shall be apprehended and fined SSP 20,000 or face imprisonment for a term not exceeding two weeks.

Pouring dirty water with leftovers on the streets, you will attract a fine not exceeding SSP 50,000 or a jail term not exceeding two months.

Alternatively, the City Council may decide to shut down any business that violates this order.

The order set a 50,000 fine on those who intentionally block waterways.

Those who wash vehicles by the roadside were also to be fined 50,000 and their washing machine confiscated.

The mayor directed the administrative units and law enforcement agencies, sector commanders, in the jurisdiction of the Juba City Council, to implement the orders.

He also directs the department of environment to ensure close inspection and timely collection of waste in designated locations according to the collection plan designed by the parties to enable enforcement of the order.