You will account for the crimes, Ruto warns warring Sudanese generals

You will account for the crimes, Ruto warns warring Sudanese generals
The two generals, Mohamed Dagalo and Al-Burhan have been fighting each other since war broke out on April 15.

Kenya has warned the warring parties in Sudan of “dire consequences” if the ongoing conflict doesn’t end.

President William Ruto said the two generals entangled in the bloody conflict, which will enter its third week on May 6, will have to pay for the crime meted out to Sudanese civilians.

Sudan plunged into violence on April 15 after forces loyal to General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo and Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman al-Burhan took each other out in a fierce exchange of fire and heavy artillery.

“As a continent, we are going to make sure that the hard work of the people of Sudan under a democratic government does not go to waste,” Ruo

“We are also going to hold these generals accountable for the humanitarian crisis the people of Sudan are going through,” Ruto said when he hosted several UN agencies in Nairobi early this week.

The UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres, arrived in Nairobi yesterday to discuss the crisis in Sudan.

Kenya said that it will help coordinate international agencies providing humanitarian assistance to people affected by the war in Khartoum.

“Kenya will work closely with UN agencies and other organizations to coordinate, scale up, and deliver humanitarian assistance to the people of Sudan, and only a ceasefire will guarantee that this happens smoothly,” reads a statement from the State House of Kenya.

IGAD had recently delegated President Ruto, Salva Kiir, and Djibouti’s Omar Guelleh to find ways to end the crisis in Khartoum.

The ongoing war has caused the displacement of people and an acute humanitarian crisis, with more Sudanese refugees thronging neighbouring countries like South Sudan, Chad, Egypt, and Djibouti for refuge.

Guterres, who is on a two-day trip to Kenya, is expected to discuss ways to end the violence in Sudan and revert to a civilian government.