You can now report traffic police if they harass, ask for a bribe – Traffic boss

You can now report traffic police if they harass, ask for a bribe – Traffic boss
A female traffic police officer directs rush hour traffic in Juba. [Photo: Spencer Spatt/Getty Images]

You can now free to report a rogue traffic police who harasses a citizen, the traffic headquarters has said.

Members of the public are being urged to file formal complaints against any unprofessional conduct including being asked to part with a bribe, the department added.

“If I receive a complaint from any citizen or any party against any member of the traffic police, I will take action against him or her,” Director General Traffic Police Maj. Gen Kon John Akot told City Review.

Akot said that the department will no longer tolerate rogue officers, hell-bent on soiling the image of the department.

“I will send members of the national security to arrest them. We will take legal measures against them,” he stressed.

Akot added that his office will launch a nationwide crackdown on officers manning illegal roadblocks and extorting members of the public.

“These practices are completely wrong, and the headquarter will not tolerate it anymore,” he added.

Akot directed all the traffic police in all parts of the country, especially the capital Juba to respect the citizens using the roads.

He further called on responsible citizens, especially derivers, to immediately report to the Traffic Police Head quarter in Buluk on any harassment they were subjected to by traffic police personnel.

Akot early today met officers in the capital, at the traffic headquarters where he spelt out new reorganization in the city.