Yei commissioner appeals for agricultural support for locals   

Yei commissioner appeals for agricultural support for locals   
A picture showing food items during the exhibition in Yei River County. [Photo: courtesy]

Yei River County Commissioner, Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa, appealed to the national government to support farmers to improve food production.

Addressing residents during an agricultural exhibition in Yei over the weekend, Kanyikwa said calm had returned and there was a need to support farmers to produce more food.

“There is peace, and we have to be engaged in farming in order to produce enough food for our county and our neighbours,” Kanyikwa said 

The agriculture and trade exhibition was organised as a response to the resolution by the fifth governor’s forum on the promotion of agriculture to boost food production.

The exhibition brought farmers from different places to showcase agricultural products such as cassava, maize, and beans, among others.

The commissioner said the farmers lack farm tools such as tractors, fertilizers, seeds, and hoes, among others, which are vital in production.  

He appreciated the farmers’ efforts to produce food for the people despite the challenges they face.    

He expressed that agriculture needs everyone’s commitment, citing that residents should shun all sorts of conflict  

“People are led to believe that access to financial resources and abundant food on the table necessitates the use of guns and bullets, or rather cheating, stealing, robbery, killings, abductions, and the propagation of violence,” he said.

He reiterated that for the county to feed its population, there is a need for unity manifested through teamwork.

“We just need the zeal, commitment, and determination to learn and participate in actions to avoid poverty and hunger,” he said.

He stated that the county was demonstrating to the people the benefits of farming in order to increase production.