Yakani condemns clash between SSPDF, civilians in Nasir County   

Yakani condemns clash between SSPDF, civilians in Nasir County   

The Community Empowerment for Progressive Organisation (CEPO) condemned the continued fighting between civilians and the South Sudan People’s Defence Forces (SSPDF) in Upper Nile State. 

 In a statement released on Sunday, CEPO’s executive director, Mr. Edmund Yakani, said the violence began at around 10:00 p.m. on Saturday after the SSPDF killed one civilian and injured two others while fishing in the Torjuoch River.   

According to Yakani, the conflict escalated on Sunday when the SSPF moved to an area known as Dawech Kuanylual Thoan and attacked locals, intending to take civilians’ cattle.

“SSPDF also went to an area called Dàwech Kuanylual Thoan and attacked civilians as they were trying to take the cattle of civilians with no reason, which is the cause of the ongoing fighting,” Yakani explained.   

He said several civilians had been displaced and some houses burned down by SSPDF, particularly near the Presbyterian Church in Nasir Town around the riverside and to an old building of MSF.       

“This is an unacceptable act from the SSPDF and the leadership of the SSPDF should take serious measures against the misconduct and indiscipline behaviours of some of the SSPDF soldiers and their leaders,” Yakani said.

He also appealed to the country’s political leadership to realise the negative implications of the delay in soldiers’ salaries and the low payments, stressing that the state governors and county commissioners have lost control over disciplining soldiers across the country.

Some media reports revealed that fighting that erupted in Nasir County, Upper Nile State, between armed civilians (popularly known as White Army) and the SSPDF started over the weekend, causing displacement among the civilians in Nasir County.

The minister of information in Upper Nile State, Luka Abdullah Deng, told The City Review that the incident had happened but he was still in contact with the county commissioner to get more details to brief the media. He was yet to do so by press time.