Yakani calls for prosecution of killers of Nimule health worker

Yakani calls for prosecution of killers of Nimule health worker
CEPO’s Edmund Yakani in a recent press conference. [File photo]

The Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), Edmund Yakani, is urging law enforcers to apprehend and prosecute the killers of Dr Patrick Tongun, who was at the time of his death attached to the Eastern Equatoria State ministry of health.

According to a statement from the civil rights group, the medic was brutally murdered at 7 pm on Thursday while on duty at Olikuri Health Centre in Nimule. His killers are unidentified and are still at large.

‘‘This is an unacceptable act and it constitutes human rights abuse and extra-judiciary killing. “The government security agencies should bring the perpetrators to book immediately,’’ Yakani stated in a press release sent to newsrooms on Saturday. 

He said that ever since the pastoralist communities moved to Eastern Equatoria, and particularly Magwi County, leading to the clash between herders and farmers; targeted killings have shot up. He called on the security organs to prevent further clashes and apprehend the masterminds of such heinous killings.

He stated: ‘‘State agencies on the ground should not compromise with the process of tracking perpetrators of all these recent incidences where innocent civilians are being killed at gunpoint or slaughtered to death in Magwi County and other parts of Eastern Equatoria State.” It is time for rule of law to prevail in and around Magwi County’s situation of criminal acts.’’

Magwi has lately been volatile due to the clashes between the farming communities and pastoralists who infiltrated the area in search of water and pasture. Efforts to move the cattle have been ongoing, with the latest agreement being facilitated by the Eastern Equatoria governor, Louis Lobong, Chief of Defence Forces, Maj. Gen. Santino Deng, and other leaders in the security sector.