Yakani calls for all-inclusive roadmap debate

Yakani calls for all-inclusive roadmap debate
Edmund Yakani, CEPO Executive Director (photo credit: Civil Rights Defenders)

The Executive Director of the Community Empowerment Organization for Progress (CEPO) called on the parties to discuss the development of the road map for the peace process to include all the parties that signed the peace agreement.

 “Failure to conduct a population census, and the lack of time, there is a possibility to extend the elections for an additional period,” said Edmund Yakani, the executive director of CEPO.

Yakani stated that the agreement is very clear in terms of spelling out what needs to be done. Thus, any quest to extend the transitional period must involve several other parties.

“Article 8 (4) states that the extension of the agreement is through the input of the Council of Ministers, which must be in the spirit of the partners, which is done through the way of voting by two-thirds of the majority.

“[It] must be taken to the RJMEC general assembly meeting…and then to the national parliament for approval.”

 Yakani said that the discussion of the roadmap in RJMEC is what would make the conversation about the roadmap comprehensive.

“Now the road map is discussed in the meeting of the Presidency of the Republic…We are afraid that we will be told later that the roadmap is final and binding on all parties, while it does not include the voices of others peace parties.”

Yakani said that the extension period should not exceed 18 or 24 months.

He added: “The parties to the peace have failed to accomplish anything over the past years. What miracle can they perform this time to do something?”

“We hope that the parties will correct the mistakes committed in the past period.”