Wounded Miss Deaf Africa, Kiden to be flown to Nairobi

Wounded Miss Deaf Africa, Kiden to be flown to Nairobi
Presidential Affairs Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin

Josephine Kiden, Miss Deaf Africa who was shot in Konyo Konyo will be flown to Nairobi, Kenya for further treatment, president Kiir’s office said.

The president delivered the message through Presidential Affairs Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin, when he visited the model at a local hospital.​​

Marial, however, did not say exactly when the airlift will take place.

The trip will be sponsored by the president Kiir’s office according to the information.

Kiden is currently admitted with a bullet wound at a local medical facility after sustaining gunshot wounds on her back and arm on the night of Wednesday.

She was allegedly shot at, by stray bullet as police shot at gangs groups according to sources.

The incident happened in Konyo-Konyo at around 8.30 pm, the family said.

On Thursday, the model’s family said the reigning Miss Deaf South Sudan is reading ill motives behind the attack on the model last night.

According to her mother, Joseline Suzan, Kiden was returning home from a social event when a bullet hit her from the back.

Though preliminary investigation indicates that she was a victim of a stray bullet, caught up in a shootout between police officers and members of an illegal gang, her mother said that Kiden’s security has been of great concern to the family ever since she won the award as Miss Deaf South Sudan.

“I do not know whether my daughter was caught up in crossfire as the people claimed or if it was something like a targeted attack on my daughter.” because this is not the first time such attempted attacks have been carried on the family.

Kaden also won the 2021 Miss Deaf Africa.

Our home has been targeted twice since my daughter was named Miss Deaf Africa Winner 2021, the most recent of which occurred in June of this year,” the mother stated.

But she added that the most recent event worries the family because it raises questions about why a person with Kiden’s caliber and a disability would be the target of such an assault.

Even though Kiden’s condition is now stabilized, she expressed concern that the bullet might have been tainted.

She said the event has forced her to miss her Juba University semester two exams since her daughter is battling wounds in the hospital.

 “Now today, Kiden is having the exams in Juba University, they started exams this week on Monday, but why God she ended in tears.”

Kiden was injured alongside her colleague Deng Majok, who was also returning from the workshop. Deng was injured on the left hand side.

Police are yet to respond to the allegation whether she was caught in a shootout.

 Last week, a former Miss South Sudan Was shot in the chest during a highway attack between Juba and Nimule.