Women dream of venturing in business after skill acquisition

Women dream of venturing in business after skill acquisition
Women pose for a group photo during the training. [Photo: courtesy]

A youth group and a church trained at least 20 women in business management skills in Juba.

The training focused on basic saving skills and steps in starting effective small-scale businesses.

Grace Adeng, one of the beneficiaries, touched on the lack of capital as one of the factors that hinders many women from doing business in the country.

She called on the government to give capital to women to start a business.

“The issue of capital determines the kind of business that you will run, and management also has its own cost, the economy of the country also has an impact on the progress many women are hindered from this business due to lack of capital,” Adeng said

She reiterated that many women may try their best to start a business with the little capital they have but the businesses do not last due to economic hardship.

Adeng added that most of the young people in Juba are dealing with the mobile money business, which earns them little profit.

Meanwhile, Aguak Bak, one of the participants emphasised the need for government to avail the income meant for women’s economic empowerment.

She said most women in the country remain poor due to a lack of capital and other enabling tools for businesses.

Bak advised women to do proper research on locations and choose areas that are economically viable for their businesses to thrive. 

“The identification of business location as one of the major factors in setting up a good business,” Bak said.

She added that whether one is setting up a brick-and-mortar business or launching an online store; the choices taken are vital for it to succeed.

 “The legal structure you choose for your business will impact your business, [and] these include registration requirements and paying all the necessary taxes,” she advised.  

Also, she advised women to always select a good name for their businesses that attract customers.

The training was organised by Empower Youth Africa (EYA) in collaboration with Rejoice in the Lord Ministries Church in Juba.