Women challenged to be proactive in politics

Women challenged to be proactive in politics
Participants at a women’s conference in Juba listen keenly to a presentation. [Photo: Denison Deneki]

A lawmaker in the national parliament, Yar Telar has called on fellow women to take a pro-active approach to local politics.

Yar Telar a Member of Parliament in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA), said women should register with political parties if they want to get into top leadership positions.

“If you are interested in politics, the first thing to do is to get yourself registered to a political party. A party that you actually subscribe to its ideologies. From there, you will start to learn the ropes,” Yar said.

Yar urged women not to shy away from engaging in issues that affect their lives directly.  

“Everything that happens in this country is political; the economy is political; the price of food is political. That is enough reason for you to join.

She encouraged young women to put much attention on politics, adding that it is the only way to bring about change in the country.

 “We tend to go wrong when we say politics is a dirty game, it is not a dirty game. There is no institution that does not have any dirty games, even business is dirty!”

The youthful MP also advised women to peruse academic papers adding that the 35 percent gender presentation will not be achieved if there are no qualified women to fill those positions.

“It does not make sense if we use that 35 percent to push women who are not competent to fill those positions,” she said.