Will Uganda’s Mugerwa get revenge on South Sudan’s Majok?

Will Uganda’s Mugerwa get revenge on South Sudan’s Majok?

The Ugandan Warrior’s kickboxing champion, Joseph Mugerwa will be seeking revenge this Saturday when he battles South Sudan’s fighter, James Majok, in the co-main event of the “Africa Pro AM continental WMO world Muay Thai Belt in Juba.

Majok whitewashed Mugerwa in their first meet in the East Africa Kickboxing MMA Muay Thai Championship in April 2023.

The pugilist was forced to give up in the first round by Majok’s powerful punches and kicks, leaving him with a sprained knee.

Sadat Yiga, a Ugandan kickboxing coach, was never happy with Magera’s defeat.

Yiga tipped Majok to be best kickboxer in Africa. But he failed to believe how his fighter was defeated within minutes.

“He (Majok) is a great fighter, I respect him and without doubt; he deserves respect not only in East Africa but in Africa at large,” Yiga said after Apirl’s fight in Juba.

“But I am not satisfied; we are going back to Uganda to prepare him (Mugerwa) for a vengeance bout against Majok,” he added.

Will the Ugandan champion surprise South Sudanese kickboxing fans as he seeks an outstanding win over two-time East African champion Majok?

With the fight on Saturday, Majok will be aiming for his third victory against Ugandan opponents, following his legendary triumph over Moses Golola in 2022 at the same venue.

Puro Okelo, Majok’s coach, has urged fans to show out in large numbers to support their champions on Saturday.

“Get ready for a tense Battle of Africa Pro AM continental WMO world Muay Thai Belt in Juba.” “Support your heroes,” he said.

The South Sudan kickboxing team will compete against the Uganda kickboxing team.

Eddy Jadallah, winner of the 2022 World Muay Thai Championship, and five other stars will compete against Ugandan fighters in the game.

Jadallah, who defeated Ethiopian fighter Idiris Elba in an 83-kilogram title fight in Addis Ababa to win his first international belt, will be facing one of the Ugandan boxers.

The game starts at 3 p.m. at Nyakuroun Cultural Centre.