Well-wishers rescue Aweil man, jailed for impregnating girl

Well-wishers rescue Aweil man, jailed for impregnating girl
Bishop Abraham Yel (R) Ngong Kiir and Aweil youth leaders are all smiles after Kiir was released from Aweil prison. [Photo: courtesy]

Aweil inmate who sought the assistance of well-wishers in order to pay a SSP50,000 fine and a cow for impregnating a girl has been released.

Ngong Kiir was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment in 2021 after being found guilty of impregnating a woman. He failed to raise SSP 50,000 and a cow, which the court had ruled as his fine.

However, on Christmas eve, he appealed to Christians and well-wishers to pay his SPS50,000 fine and provide him with a cow in exchange for his release.

His plea fell on the ears of good Samaritans who came to his rescue on Wednesday, thus, allowing him to be released from prison.

 Due to the intervention from Bishop Abraham Yel of ECSS in Aweil, the Aweil Youth Union, and well-wishers, the case was finally settled.

 While addressing the media on Wednesday, Bishop Abraham Yel appreciated the well-wishers and the Christian family, including the family of the girl, for their cooperation.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank God that Kiir Ngong is finally out, with support from well-wishers across South Sudan,” Yel said.

He added that many people contributed to raise the money for the fines.

The cleric called on the South Sudanese to remain peaceful and continue to join hands in times of need.

Yel specifically urged Christians to continue focusing on the conversion of wrongdoers.

“The family of the girls asks for one cow, but due to the fact that they are friendly, we are going to give them five cows” he said

 He appealed to the youth to remain faithful in their youth and respect rules related to marriage.

 On his part, Aweil youth union chairman, Tito Awan Bol, appreciated God and individuals who contributed their resources for the release of Ngong.

 “Our brother (Kiir Ngok), who was imprisoned for two years, is officially released because the things he needed were paid for by well-wishers with coordination from the church in Aweil,” Tito said.

 He appreciated the ladies on the girl’s side for opening up and forgiving the man.

 Tito added that Ngong would evolve and contribute to the development of northern Bar el Ghazal.  Among those who contributed are Rose Yor, Bol Chol Bol, and Martin Onen Arthur.