We need to control the movement of cattle in towns; not Torit alone

We need to control the movement of cattle in towns; not Torit alone
The government and IGAD could not agree on how to settle the cattle menace. [Photo: File]

Last Friday,the authorities of Torit municipality restricted the movement of cattle within the town and residences.

This came after they realised that goats, cows, pigs, and donkeys roaming around the area had been causing unnecessary accidents along the road.

Although this local order was only meant to be enforced in Torit, when you look across our towns in other states, similar orders are supposed to be issued to maintain order.

It has been the norm for cattle to roam around the residences in other towns.

This could look normal to some of us but could be termed an act of backwardness for those who have seen how order is maintained in towns.

The livestock sometimes cause unnecessary traffic jams and accidents along the roads, some of which have been witnessed in Juba.

The movement of cattle outside the grazing areas is an age-old tradition that needs to be stopped. We are living in a new age where you rarely see herds of cattle within the city.

The unrestricted movement of cattle often causes unnecessary social problems, such as conflict with farmers, when animals infiltrate arable farmlands.

It is important for the local authorities to prevent the widespread movement of cattle in public places.

However, this does not negate the fact that cattle are important, especially in maintaining livelihoods among the people. There is a need for livestock keepers to have proper control over their animals, despite their great value and wealth.

In the past, we have had situations where the animals grazed on airstrips in some of the states. This, in many cases, has prevented planes from landing because the pilots have to wait for the animals to be driven off the runway before they land.