We must combat corruption to raise salaries of civil servants – Machar

We must combat corruption to raise salaries of civil servants – Machar
First Vice President Dr Riek Machar. [Photo: Courtesy]

The First Vice President, Dr Riek Machar Teny, challenged the graduated forces to lead the charge in fighting corruption as the country tries to find ways of ensuring increased revenue to revise salaries.

Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of the CEPO, who spoke on behalf of the civil society organization at the graduation of the first batch of the United Forces in Juba, urged the government to address the soldiers’ pay to enable them to execute the mandates professionally.

In response, Dr Machar said that while he agreed with the civil society leader that the forces were meagerly paid, there was a need for a collective effort to fight corruption for the treasury to get money for salary increments.

“We are aware that all of our service members earn money (a living) by going to the forest to cut wood for chorales. But let’s come together to combat corruption so that you get a raise in your salaries. Let’s be transparent in what we do, ” Machar said.

Machar referred to the graduation as the beginning of a new era for the stabilisation of the nation’s security and everlasting peace.

He expressed gratitude to the newly graduated unified forces for their patience while waiting at the cantonment location and urged them to uphold the nationalist spirit during their service.

“A lot of the violations happened outside the training centres, but you people were never tempted to be part of that.” I congratulate you on the discipline. “With this graduation, I trust that you will protect the constitution, the territorial integrity of our country, its people, and their property,” Machar stated.

He added, “I want you to take these disciplines to your various deployment locations.” We want you, besides doing your security work, to be a productive force. You must be engaged in modern agriculture; teach our people new ideas.”

Dr. Machar also encouraged the newly graduated unified forces to engage in developmental and constructive activities such as agriculture, road building, and others.

“It is not only the engineering core that does that, but soldiers do such work, including engaging in the long vision of creating railways in our country and building airports, and also improving on our national parks and games so that we can earn hard currency from our national resources.”

He said that with the discipline the forces have shown in the cantonment sites, the country’s people will be secured peacefully and prosperous society will be realised.