We are fixing the economy, says finance ministry

We are fixing the economy, says finance ministry

The deputy minister of finance and planning, Agok Makur, urged the citizens to remain patient as the government explores avenues for fixing the economy.

Makur told The City Review in an interview yesterday that the traders have taken advantage by overcharging the consumers, and there is a plan to address the market prices.

“We are trying to have fixed prices for food and non-food items in order for the national and foreign traders not to take advantage of the market,” Agok said.

Agok said the appreciation of the US dollar is caused by a lack of exports to the international market, which in turn puts pressure on the local currency.

“We can’t depend on oil alone, yet we can cultivate to fight starvation in South Sudan.”

“Sometimes the traders might have brought the food before the dollar increased, and as the government, we need to fix the price of the markets. This is the time for us to wake up as the government and rescue the citizens who are carrying the burden,” Agok said.

“Currently the traders are using the dollar rate as an excuse for the prices in the markets; please let’s reduce the prices in order for the common citizen to survive,” he said.

Agok noted that the citizens were suffering from the skyrocketing prices of food, water, and other commodities.

He said the government was working hard to address the runaway inflation, but there are challenges, such as the aftermath of the war in Sudan.