Wau to finally host Olympic Day

Wau to finally host Olympic Day
Sarah Cleto Rial, WBGS governor addressing in one of the events in Wau. [Courtesy photo]

The Western Bahr el Ghazal State is planning to hold an International Olympic Day celebration on July 23, 2022, officials confirmed.

The celebration for this year was meant to take place on June 23, but South Sudan did not observe the annual day owing to the passing of the late Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, Peter Manawa.

The annual Olympic Day marathon promotes various cultural endeavours as well as the spirit of sports and camaraderie among sports enthusiasts.

Sarah Cleto Rial, the governor of Western Bahr el Ghazal State, announced after their meeting that her administration had postponed the July 23rd, 2022 International Olympic Day Celebrations in Wau Town.

“It is a nice time for me as WBGS governor to have this opportunity to meet with the Olympic Committee to decide on the day of the event in Wau, and we have agreed that the date for the event is going to be on July 23, 2022,” Governor Cleto told reporters after meeting with South Sudan’s Olympic Committee President in Juba.

She said the event would be marked by a number of cultural, social, and sports activities, adding that the authorities expect citizens of WBGS, especially in Wau town and Great Bahr el Ghazal, to be part of the event.

“We are looking forward to a very pleasant day where we, as South Sudanese, always come together through sports.” “We are going to bring the glory of those days in Wau back where we see Wau bringing people together through such celebrations as a way of building peace in the state,” the WBGS boss stated.

Meanwhile, the South Sudan National Olympic Committee’s President, Eng. Juma Stephen Lugga, expressed gratitude to Governor Sarah Cleto for accepting the invitation to host the Olympic Day celebration.

He said the event was supposed to be celebrated in every state in the country, but only two states managed to respond positively.