Wau prison wins war against chicken pox

Wau prison wins war against chicken pox

Wau Central Prison witnessed a remarkable decline in cases of chickenpox among its inmates.  

The cases, which were reduced from 30 to 10, have been attributed to the intervention by the Salesians of Don Bosco, a religious association that provided critical medication.

Maj. Gen. George Gilo, the director of Wau Central Prison, expressed gratitude for the humanitarian aid.

“The support from the Salesians of Don Bosco has been instrumental in controlling the outbreak, their provision of essential medication has made a tremendous difference in the health and well-being of our inmates,” he stated.

The director further stressed the ongoing need for public support, specifically in terms of hygiene supplies for the inmates.

“We encourage the public to continue supporting us with soap to maintain proper hygiene among prisoners,” Maj. Gen. Gilo appealed.

“Such contributions are vital in preventing future outbreaks and ensuring the overall health of those in our care”.

The reduction in chickenpox cases marks a significant achievement for Wau Central Prison, highlighting the impact of community and religious support in addressing public health challenges within correctional facilities.