Warrap government tighten rule on sale of cattle

Warrap government tighten rule on sale of cattle
The commissioner general of the Warrap Revenue Authority. [Photo: Courtesy]

You will need a special permit to sell your cow in Warrap State.

This is according to an order issued by the Commissioner General of the Revenue Authority.

Commissioner Ngor Dhuol said that the directive is meant to curb rampant cattle rustling in the area.

“It has come to our attention that there is illegal selling of cattle in Warrap State, particularly in counties, and most of the people are collaborating with cattle thieves to buy stolen cows and illegally drive them out to other states,” Ngor said.

Security organs have since been directed to apprehend any person selling cattle without a permit.

Anyone wishing to sell an animal will be required to get financial form 15 and permits from the state revenue authority.

“My office has designed an authentic pass permit that will be used jointly with financial form 15 for collecting taxes for the purpose of transparency and accountability in the state,” said Ngo when he issued the order on Tuesday.

The intention of the government to introduce a pass permit was to identify those traders who do not pay taxes to the government.

Ngor stressed that the cattle pass permit allows cattle traders to buy, sell within or across the borders of Warrap State.

“It gives detail of the owner of the cattle, occupation, state and nationality and number of cattle including the departing place and final destination,” Ngor explained.