Warrap fumes over delayed funds for Kuajok airport

Warrap fumes over delayed funds for Kuajok airport

The Warrap State Minister of Information and Communication William Mayom blamed the National Ministry of Transport for failing to avail funds for the completion of Kuajok airport.

In an exclusive interview with The City Review, Mayom said the allegations that the airport was constructed for $27 million were incorrect.

“The money that was signed by Amoco Construction Company and national government is $3 million and not 100 million that is on social, some people are even writing $27 million,” he said.   

“The figures were exaggerated by those who are not knowledgeable about the contract of the construction of Kuajok airport” he said

He said the company that was awarded the contract stopped the construction due to the funding hitch.

“The construction of the airport is still not done but the question is going to the Ministry of transport: why are the not paying the money to the company to complete the construction?”

He appealed to the government to avail the money as construction of the airport remains incomplete.

“The roofing has been done but when we ask the supervisors I believe they are still looking for money,” he said.  

He admitted that the airport is still under construction and would soon resume when the government avails the funding.

He warned the social media users against cooking up figures which he said were untrue.  

He appealed to the contracted company to put pressure on the government and speed up the construction.