Veterinary clinics in Kapoeta to boost livestock health

Veterinary clinics in Kapoeta to boost livestock health

The authorities in Eastern Equatoria State started the construction of three veterinary clinics in greater Kapoeta to improve the health of livestock in the area.

The state minister of animal resources and fisheries, Angelo Geri, said the initiative aims to reduce overdependence on foreign support from East African countries to treat the animals.

According to Angelo Geri, three veterinary clinics and water supply facilities were being built in Kapoeta North Town of Riwoto, Kapoeta South Town, and Kapoeta East Town of Narus to help manage unnecessary animal diseases.

Mr. Geri said the project is being funded by the African Development Bank and implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.

He added that the lack of drugs is forcing the state government and its partners to buy drugs from outside clinics within neighbouring countries to treat sick animals.

Geri further appealed to the national ministry of animal resources and fisheries to supply more drugs once the construction of the clinics is completed.

“I am calling upon the chiefs and the entire community in the three Kapoeta counties to take utmost care of the veterinary building and water center being powered by solar panels,” Geri said.