Use sports to promote peace, USAID tell S.Sudan

Use sports to promote peace,  USAID tell S.Sudan
USAID’s South Sudan Mission Director, Haven Cruz Hubbard speaking at the second closing ceremony of the South Sudan Youth Camp Activity (SSYCA0) [Alex Bullen, City Review]

South Sudan has been challenged to take full advantage of the unifying power of sport to promote peace in the country.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) believes sports is the most effective weapon to bring social cohesiveness in a divisive society.

“Years of war have created a high level of mistrust among communities throughout South Sudan, reinforcing ethnic divisions and pulling youth into these conflicts,’’ said that can be used to foster peace in the country.

“We have witnessed the country’s social fabric has been undermined, and prospects for regional peace and growth have been hampered,” said USAID’s South Sudan Mission Director, Haven Cruz Hubbard.

Hubbard made the remarks at the South Sudan Youth Camp Activity’s (SSYCA’s) second closing ceremony in Juba over the weekend.
He mentioned South Sudanese athletes such as Manute Bol and Lual Deng as prime examples of necessitating venturing into sports.

“We are extremely hopeful today that activities like this will foster leadership abilities, essential collaboration, and an essential common identity among South Sudanese youth,” he said.

The camp’s goal is to recruit young people from all over South Sudan and provide them with a variety of programs, including basic leadership skills, psychosocial support, and trauma awareness; a better understanding of gender equality; and, most importantly, the message that violence is not the only way to resolve conflicts.”

He stated that for such goals to be realised, all levels of government must work together to encourage sports activities for youth to learn the essence of peaceful coexistence.