USAID launches youth empowerment project in Wau

USAID launches youth empowerment project in Wau

The United States Embassy in Juba, through its Agency for International Development USAID) launched a four-year Youth Empowerment Activity in Wau.

USAID country director for South Sudan, Kate Crawford, said the fund will assist youth in South Sudan including girls and young women, in acquiring knowledge and skills that will allow them to lead healthy, active, and productive lives.

“Despite many challenges, South Sudan’s youth are key to the future peace and development of this country.

“Young South Sudanese can and should lead the way in building peace among communities, recognizing the value of South Sudan’s diversity, and developing this nation,” said Kate.

The $43.5 million initiative will empower a diverse group of 25,000 youth through a Youth Corps Service Model that will train and mentor 500 Youth Corp leaders who will mentor more vulnerable youth with access to learning, livelihoods, civic engagement activities, skill building, and information to make positive health choices.

This approach is grounded in USAID’s Positive Youth Development Framework, which prioritizes youth-led, youth-serving interventions rooted in the community.

The Youth Empowerment Activity will also support 65 local youth organizations with grants, technical training, mentorship, and organizational strengthening.

Michael J. Adler, the U.S. Ambassador to South Sudan, said that considering that an estimated 70 percent of South Sudanese are under the age of 30, the U.S. government recognizes the importance of supporting youth from diverse communities to develop the skills they need for a better future for South Sudan. 

“We are proud to extend support through this youth empowerment activity,” he said.

The U.S. Embassy in Juba announced the award of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Youth Empowerment Activity in November 2022.

Education Development Center (EDC) Inc. was selected to implement the initiative through a competitive, public solicitation.