Upper Nile University appeals for government support

Upper Nile University appeals for government support

The Dean of Students’ Affairs of Upper Nile University, Prof. Satiro Othei, appealed to the government to provide support to the university.

This came after the South Sudan Students Union donated some materials to support the work of the secretariat at the university.

Prof. Obore said that he was excited to receive such a donation from the students’ union.

 “We have waited a long time to find such support and I hope that there will be more.”

He said both the lecturers and the students were relying only on taking notes instead of photographing lectures.

“We aim to obtain scientific references that help us in performing our duties and our lectures for all students in a good manner.” Without these tools, we will not be able to provide our best. “We thank the students’ union [because] more will surely come,” he said.

He indicated that the Dean of Student Affairs at the university has many needs, with the immediate one being mobility to facilitate administrative work.

 “When many parties invited me to a meeting, I went by public transportation, and this made it difficult for me to reach the areas concerned.”

The President of the South Sudan National Students Union, Khamis Othow Omot, said they were devoted to assisting the learning institutions.

 “We, as a union, are happy to come to the University of Upper Nile providing a simple donation of educational materials.”

 “The transferring of Upper Nile to Juba means that the university will suffer from many things, unlike the rest of the universities settled in its states, so we have come to assure them that we are ready to cooperate with both the university administration and the students,” he said.

The items provided by the student union include markers, bullpens, rulers, inks, glue, and correction pens.

“We will also provide similar support to two secondary schools.”