Unity State community to support committee in ending conflict

Unity State community to support committee in ending conflict
Governor of Unity State, Joseph Manytuil Wejang receives gift from Jikany Community (photo credit: Unity State Gubernatorial Press Unit)

Chiengmajak Community in Unity State declared support for the recently formed investigation committee in ending the conflict in the state.

The community also welcomed the decision by President Salva Kiir to form a committee to investigate Mayom incidents and insecurity in Unity State in general.

During the meeting with the area governor, Joseph Manytuil, on Tuesday in Juba, Chairperson of Chiengmajak Community Ruai Jany Koang said several campaigns would kick off among communities to address ‘‘minor differences.’’

He added that dialogue between communities and different payams would commence as a move to supplement the recent peace measure set by the government.

He assured full support for peace in the state, adding that it would be the only way to realise development in the area.

“Violence destroyed property, so the only way we can achieve development is to make sure we love one another as communities, as families, as government officials and as people of South Sudan. Then we will realize development and service delivery,” Ruai said.

Ruai assured the youth that they would stand together with the committee to make sure that peace prevails in Unity State.

Manytuil promised that his administration would support the investigation committee in getting a lasting solution to insecurity in the state.

He appreciated the youth from the Chiengmajak Community of Wathjaak Payam, Rubkona County, for their tireless efforts in helping the state achieve peace.