Unity Government: Mayom attack was a “criminal activity”

Unity Government: Mayom attack was a “criminal activity”

​The office of Governor, Unity State has termed the morning attack on government forces in Mayom County as a criminal activity.

An eight-vehicle convoy of South Sudan People’s Defence Forces (SSPDF) was attacked by a group of young men, at a remote village in Mayom, before opening fire on government forces.

The SSPD soldiers were headed to Mayom, the scene of last week’s murder that claimed the life of the county commission alongside 11 others.

Last week’s attack was believed to have been engineered by forces loyal to General Stephen Buay.

Today, July 26, a few minutes to 9 am, a group of armed men attacked the SSPD convoy at Tuoch Loka village of Bieh Nyang Payam.

The office of the governor, however, denied that the latest event was in any was related to last week’s activities.

A spokesperson told City Review that the information gathered so was that the attack was a criminal activity by youth who wanted to loot the vehicles ferrying goods to the county.

“The aim of criminal activities in those areas is to loot commodities that come to Unity State.”

“There was an attempt to loot three army trucks carrying food and fuel to Mayom County. The criminals shot one vehicle. The army fired back. Any other thing is propaganda.”

The governor’s office said that there is no information about casualties between the two parties so far.