UNESCO push for establishment of  TVET authority

UNESCO push for establishment of  TVET authority

South Sudan’s and the United Nations are mulling the idea of upgrading the TVET committees into authorities.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) involves the study of technologies and related sciences and the acquisition of practical skills for job creation.

Tap Raj Pant, the head of UNESCO’s education unit, noted that TVET coordination is a major issue in South Sudan.

He said each ministry in the government has been implementing the TVET policy separately.

“You may have heard the undersecretary say that UNESCO brought all the actors together around one table and that we prepared a unified TVET policy.”

“So, in order to have unified governance, we need to support the TVET Ad-hoc committee, which will later be called the TVET Authority,” Raj explained.

The remarks came after UNESCO donated some office supplies to the Ministry of General Education and Instruction yesterday to support the interim TVET coordination committee.

Gibson Francis Waru, the director-general for TVET at the national ministry of general education and instructions, said the coordination committee has been collaborating with the ministries.

He said more than 30 government ministries have been implementing TVET policy in the country.

However, he noted that each ministry has been issuing instructions in accordance with its own curriculum and set of rules.

Waru, who doubles as the chairperson of the TVET coordination committee, said the parliament created the TVET ad hoc coordination committee in 2019 for all ministries implementing TVET policy to cooperate.

He stressed the need to establish the TVET authority, arguing that “it is what we are now preparing the ground for so that at the end of our ad hoc committee, there will be the formation of the TVET body.”

“We have already embarked on the development of a lot of documents,” he said.

“The team is working on the occupational standards, the qualification framework, the quality assurance document, and the teacher’s manual guidelines.”