Uganda to send over 100 police to South Sudan

Uganda to send over 100 police to South Sudan
Members of the Ugandan Police Force. [Photo, Gambetanews]

The government Uganda will send 130 troops to Juba as part of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) forces in South Sudan.

The troop, drawn from the Ugandan Police Force (UPF), will consist of 42 females and 88 males soldiers. Those selected were subjected to rigorous interviews before they are dispatched for the assignment that awaits across the border.

The rigorous interviews were conducted by officials from the United Nations Selection Assistance and Assessment (UN-SAAT) Coordinator, Mr. Eya Mahadeen from UN headquarters based in New York, and Mr. Wafa Ben El Ayara based at United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS).

The successful candidates for this international job will be deployed to Juba to do among other community policing, gender, CID, and operations, among other roles within UNMISS, according to a post on the Ugandan Police Force official Facebook page.

In August 2021, only 15 UPF met the requirements for UN deployment to South Sudan.

“Those who will qualify will get an opportunity to serve with the UN mission, something that will be a life-changer – professionally, from the experience acquired and financial status.” Mahadeen told the officers.