Two policemen shot dead in Nimule clashes

Two policemen shot dead in Nimule clashes
A herd of cattle grazing in an open field. Lack of pasture has been one of the major sources of tension between the cattle keepers and farming communities in South Sudan. [Photo, Courtesy]

At least two police officers were shot dead in Nimule, Magwi County yesterday as tension mounts in the area.

Area chief Alira William warned that unless normalcy is restored, retaliatory attacks are most likely to be witnessed, adding that locals have started fleeing the area. 

“Two policemen have been shot dead in Rei residential area after a heavy exchange of fire. Government organs are trying to calm the situation but we do not know what will happen after this,” William cautioned. 

So grave was the attack that it left one family mourning the loss of ten relatives including a three-month-old child. 

“The family has lost 10 members; six males and four females. Two of them were adults and eight children. 

“Also, four people were wounded in the family in which three of them were females and one male,’’ said the eyewitness.

One of the casualties was a three-month-old child whose head was chopped off in the heinous attack. 

Local administration is now advising the people of Eastern Equatoria to allow cattle keepers to evacuate their herds rather than suffer the wrath of hatred.

On Wednesday, more than 20 people were reportedly killed following an attack on a cattle camp in Nimule, Eastern Equatoria State.

A group of youth entered Mugali village in a coordinated attack, raiding cattle, and killing people, the police chief said.

Marko Mador, the chief of border police in Nimule said that the attackers stole an unknown number of cattle. Fifty-two cattle were reportedly shot dead with another 27 left with bullet wounds.

The chilling attack also left 20 people dead and seven others injured. 

Marko said among those killed were two children and two others who got injured.

Panther Pat Makurdit, the Secretary-General Bor Community youth in Nimule, has put the number of cattle raided to 10,000.  

He said the pursuit of the attackers was on and did not rule out the possibility of the death toll rising.