Two children stung to death by bees in Mayom County

Two children stung to death by bees in Mayom County

At least two children were reportedly stung to death by a colony of bees in the forest in Mayom County, Unity State, authorities said.

Mayom County Commissioner Luka Chierey told The City Review on Monday that the two children were travelling from Amiet to Mayom town on Sunday.

He said after spending a few hours travelling, the vehicle had a short break around a forested area when a colony of bees attacked the passengers.

According to him, two kids remained inside the vehicle and everybody jumped out.

“This incident happened yesterday [Sunday], two kids were put in a car by their parents in Amiet so that they could come to Mayom. But on their way to Mayom, when the vehicle stopped for a short while, they were attacked by bees. Other people were able to rescue their children but the two children were not rescued because their parents were not there,” Chierey said.

He added, “The bees were so many and every passenger ran for their lives forgetting that there were kids who remained in the vehicle including the driver.”

Chierey faulted the parents of the kids, arguing that it was not a good idea for them to allow their children to travel alone.

“What the parents of these kids did is not something good because you cannot allow kids to go to a place on their own, it is disgusting,” he lamented.

He said the two children had been buried in Mayom over the weekend.