Two boys arrested over WhatsApp post

Two boys arrested over WhatsApp post
The two students are currently cooling their heels at Nyirol Police station.

Two students in Dhiou Alam Secondary School in Yirol West County of Lakes State are in custody on character assignation charges.

The students were apprehended for violating the rights of a fellow student.

According to the school principal, Joseph Makur, the arrest occurred on Monday. One of the students, a (boy), allegedly took a picture of a young lady (student) without her consent and posted it on social media.

“That social media group was formed by the students. They take photos of others student and post them there for debate,” Makur said.

The suspects are currently locked up at Yirol West Police station.

“They (group members) made some “funny comments” about the pictures,” the principal told City Review.

Things escalated after the family of the lady bumped into the picture online.

The girl later made a formal complaint at the police leading to the arrest of the boys.

The school administration said the girl was upset that her picture was posted in the social media group which later exposed her to radicle leading to a physical confrontation at the school precinct.

“No one was injured. They are safe but the suspects were arrested.  

“We realized that the boy that the girl attacked was the one who posted the picture. They admitted that they took the picture and posted it to the group although they said that they did not intend to post her picture but we were making a joke,”

Makur added: “This is harassment that can easily deter girls from enrolling in school, so we want to remove those bad behaviours from our students.”