Turkey holds summit, hosts over 100 African journalists

<strong>Turkey holds summit, hosts over 100 African journalists</strong>

The Turkish government has organised a summit bringing together over 100 journalists from Africa and the country’s government representatives in a reflexive dialogue on the contributions of the Ankara administration.

In a copy of the invitation letter sent to The City Review’s management, Turkey noted that Africa Media Summit would provide a rich avenue to discuss Turkey-Africa relations, especially development.

‘‘During the following two days, the participants will hear about Turkey’s perspective on its relations with Africa, recent developments in journalism, and global challenges. The final day will feature a tour of Istanbul’s historical peninsula and the Bosphorus, “noted the invite from the country’s Directorate of Communications.

Turkey has been making inroads into the African continent through the establishment of diplomatic ties, supporting learning and investing in infrastructure, such as the Turkish Airlines that will soon be launching flights to Juba, South Sudan.

‘‘In the last 20 years, Türkiye has become an ”African hub” in its region with its ever-increasing number of African diplomatic representations along with its dynamic African diaspora, comprised of students, business people, and tourists. Our 44 embassies on the Continent, as well as 37 African Embassies in Ankara, make Africa Day more meaningful for us, “said Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, in his piece commemorating African Day.