Tsishekedi meets Kiir as trade, security dominate bilateral talks

Tsishekedi meets Kiir as trade, security dominate bilateral talks
Congolese President Felix Tsishekedi (left) shakes hands with President Salva Kiir after the former jetted in Juba for an official visit on May 8, 2022. [Photo: PPU]

Trade and border security top the chart of discussion as President Salva Kiir hosts his Congolese counterpart, President Felix Tsishekedi for maiden bilateral talks.

Tshisekedi jetted into Juba yesterday to make his maiden trip to the youngest nation and engage Kiir in an array of discussions for regional development.

Addressing the press upon landing in Juba yesterday, the current AU spokesperson said they had agreed that peace and security are necessary for both countries to focus on development.

“[It is] our decision to put peace and security as our top priority to work together so that we can bring development in our countries,’’ President Tshisekedi said.

The two presidents also discussed the construction of roads from South Sudan to the North East of DRC and then to Kisanegani to the Congo River. The intention is to link the country to the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition, the two leaders discussed how to prevent economic problems that would arise from the ongoing fuel crisis that has spread its wings in the East African Community bloc.

“We talked about food security and it was my great joy I am surprised to learn that South Sudan is among the top producers of cattle and that in terms of figures, more than 15 million herds of cattle can be produced and can be exported in our country,” he stated.

“So that is a big opportunity that can be used by our various business people in our countries.”

President Salva Kiir said that although there are some insecurity problems between the borders of DRC and South Sudan, they will work hard to solve those problems.

 “President Tshisekedi and I agreed on the need for a United African position that calls for the negotiation settlement for this conflict,” he said.