Traders ordered to lower food prices as SSP strengthens against USD

Traders ordered to lower food prices as SSP strengthens against USD
women at a market.

The Mayor of Juba City Council has called on the traders in Juba to lower the prices of their commodities as the local currency continues to gain strength against the United States dollar.

Michael Allah-Jabu Ladu made the order yesterday while addressing the media over the persistent skyrocketing prices despite SSP appreciation against the hard currency in the exchange rate.

“We will ensure that all traders in the market should comply with the exchange rate and reduce their prices,” Ladu said.

“Authorities of the Juba City Council, as well as authorities of the state and national government, are going to ensure that whenever there is any drop in USD which is always the cause and a lesson people always use on top as the reason for high prices, traders should reduce their prices,” he said. 

He reiterated government efforts for injecting more dollars into the market that led to the appreciation of South Sudanese Pounds against dollars. 

“Today the exchange rate has reached (reduced from 620 SSP) to 580 SSP and it will continue dropping despite that prices in the market remains high and this should be sorted,” he said.

He said the city council will continue to monitor the exchange rate to make sure that traders comply with the improving situation.

Allah-Jabu acknowledged the resilience of the citizens toward inflation but said the city council is not behind any economic hardship.

“It is worse mentioning that there is economic hardship which is an experience by all of us and is not caused by the city council,” he said.

He called on citizens to remain patient amidst the current inflation and economic hardship.

“They [citizens] have undergone hardship due to economic hardship and inflation, however, our government is working hard,” Ladu stated.

“The committee of the economic cluster in the national government, the ministry of finance, the central bank of South Sudan is working hard, yesterday they released an information that they are going to reduce the inflation by auctioning more dollars,” he added.

He called on the citizens to shun protesting over high prices, saying it will endanger the lives of many people and the property.

“Protest in the market is not good because it causes destruction and harm to the people because this is a place where a big number of people and that is why we stop people from conducting such particular protest in the market,” the mayor said.