Tombura IDPs receive seven-day ultimatum to leave UNMISS Camp

Tombura IDPs receive seven-day ultimatum to leave UNMISS Camp

The deputy commander of the joint forces Maj. Gen. David Adol addresses IDPs at UNMISS POC in Tombura. [Courtesy: Moses Samuel]

The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at the UNMISS camp in Tombura County were granted an additional seven days to leave the camp, after the end of the three-day ultimatum issued by the area governor last week.

This announcement was made by Major General David Deng Adol, the deputy commander of the joint forces deployed in the region.

Addressing the IDPs on Monday, Maj. Gen. David Adol, the deputy commander of the joint forces deployed in the region, emphasised the necessity of conducting a thorough assessment of affected individuals and their properties in their homes.  

“We have given you seven days to vacate the camp as we carry out our joint assessment. We want to evaluate the situation in your homes and determine whose houses were burnt down, and who lost family members. This must be done at your residences, not at the UNMISS camp,” Adol stated.

The planned assessment will involve chiefs from the conflicting communities to ensure a comprehensive assessment of all the areas impacted by the recent crisis in Tombura County.

Maj. Gen. Adol urged the community to identify perpetrators and the affected areas to enable the deployment of soldiers and the arrest of criminals. He also called for the disarmament of individuals still holding weapons.

The acting Commissioner of Tombura County, Moses Mesisere, appealed for unity and peace, encouraging the IDPs to return home and begin rebuilding their lives.

He also urged healthcare workers to reopen their facilities in anticipation of new medical supplies that will be arriving in the area this week.

“I advise the IDPs to go home and start cleaning their homes. Those within the town should voluntarily return home as a sign of respect to the government. We don’t have a storage facility here. All doctors should open their hospitals tomorrow because once we receive the consignment; we will immediately deliver them to our local health facilities,” he added.

Mrs. Mary Simonya Sakipai, a representative of women at the UNMISS camp, expressed gratitude to the forces for their efforts in restoring peace back to Tombura County.