Three women killed, seven children abducted in Akobo County

Three women killed, seven children abducted in Akobo County
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At least two women were killed and seven children abducted in an ambush by gunmen in Akobo County, Jonglei State.

Speaking to The City Review on Sunday, Elizabeth Nyadak, Jonglei State’s Information Minister, said the incident occurred at Walgaak Payam, West of Akobo County around 3:57 pm on Saturday when six women and their seven children who were trekking to Waat were ambushed by a suspected armed group from Greater Pibor Administrative Area.

She said the suspected assailants killed three women and took their children alive—two of the aged two months.

“The armed youths [suspected to be] from Murle killed three women from these six women and took their seven children. And among these children was a two months child,” she stated.

She said the women were among the returnees who arrived in Akobo on September 3, 2023, from Ethiopia by boat, adding that three women who survived from the ambush are still missing.

“The other three women who managed to escape into the forest are nowhere to be found,” she said.

She lamented that lack of forces in the borders of the remote counties and Greater Pibor administrative area have opened avenues for such crime.

“All these attacks are happening because there are no soldiers deployed in the borders of Jonglei state’s counties and Greater Pibor Administrative area.”

Abraham Kelang, the Information Minister of Pibor Administrative area, said he was unaware about the incident, but maintained that the assailants could be from other communities.

“Authorities in Jonglei State did not inform us about that incident. I don’t know why they always accuse us. It’s not only armed youth from Murle abducting children,” he said.