Thiik turns heat on Flora, claims mayor bribed in UAP staff saga

Thiik turns heat on Flora, claims mayor bribed in UAP staff saga

The Deputy Mayor for Social Service, Thiik Thiik, accused the mayor of Juba City Council, Flora Modi, and other officials in the national ministry of labour of being compromised and killing labour cases involving national staff and an insurance company.  

Addressing the press yesterday, Thiik claimed that the mayor and some government officials from the Ministry of Labour took bribes from UAP Company and interfered with the case where the staff demanded reinstatements.

“I am accusing the minister, the undersecretary, the mayor, and other officials. I have been accusing them until now, and I will not bow down because these are the people who let the people of South Sudan down,” he said.

“Why did the minister go and listen to the UAP rather than listening to his people?” Thiik Thiik added.

According to Thiik Thiik, the minister only listened to the statement from the UAP without cross-checking the information with the national staff.

“Is he the employer of the UAP or the government, and the government is the government of the people of South Sudan, not the government of the people of UAP? For them, they only looked into the accusation, which was a venture into the people of South Sudan rather than cross-checking.”

Thiik called on the government not hire compromised staff after the elections, arguing that such people prevent proper service delivery.

“I call on the President of South Sudan not to include them in the reshuffling of government. I do not appeal for the removal of the mayor because she is three months in office and we don’t want this rotation to happen, but we need discipline. We need her to be called and told that what she is doing is wrong and should be given a warning.”

When contacted by The City Review, the Mayor of Juba City Council, Flora Modi, dismissed the allegations by her junior, saying they were untrue.

“I have never taken any money from the UAP insurance company. We went there to open UAP and gave a statement so that the citizens will know that we don’t have issues with those people of UAP,” Flora said.

Last year, Thiik Thiik closed down the UAP company over the issue of the national staff, who were terminated by the company.

However, a day after the closer, Mayor Flora revoked the orders and opened the company, stating that her deputy had stepped out of the mandate of the Juba City Council.