There are opportunities in health sector, Dr Igga tells investors

There are opportunities in health sector, Dr Igga tells investors
VP James Wani Igga. [File , City Review]

South Sudan’s Vice President for Economic Cluster, Dr. James Wani Igga, is now calling upon potential investors to consider putting their money in health sector because of immense opportunities the sector promises.

He said an increase in investments in health would help improve the country’s ‘weak’ health system.

Dr Igga was speaking during a symposium of parliamentarians on health sector financing towards attainment of the Sustainable Development Goal-3 (SDG-3).

“It’s also vital for me to use this opportunity to call on our country’s health partners, as well as private investors to spend more in South Sudan’s health sector in order to improve the country’s health services,” he said.

The budget for health in South Sudan is barely seven per cent, with health professionals requesting an increase from to 15 per cent annually.

He said that if parliamentarians do their jobs properly, South Sudan will be able to achieve sustainable development goals in every area, and that their actions can have a transformative impact in providing improved services to the country’s people.

MPs’ input needed

“You have the keys to ensuring that assurances made by governments at all levels are not only kept, but also leveraged to lift venture in the health and other sectors that are needed to fund and deliver high-quality services to citizens,” VP Igga said.

“Therefore, the honourable members of parliament, the public expect us to set up parliamentary oversize to secure the recommendable performance of the national government institutions, so the legislature has to play an important role in serving the country’s laws to work accordingly,” he added.

VP Igga, who is also a member of the R-TNLA, the Revitalised Transitional National Legislative Assembly of South Sudan, highlighted that it is the responsibility of each nation in the globe to constantly establish what is right for the growth of any sector within that community.

“Our members of parliament must guarantee that the government truly meets what is required, particularly in the process of developing national budgets, laws, and oversight,” he said.

He charged lawmakers with working hard to turn things around from bad to good, particularly in the areas of health, education, agriculture, and other vital industries that may make people happy.

The president of the economic cluster further stated that it is time for lawmakers to allocate the necessary budget to fund the country’s attainment of SDG-3.