Teny urges parliament to pass pending security bills

Teny urges parliament to pass pending  security bills
Minister of Defence Angelina Teny (left) and the RJMEC Interim Chairperson Maj Gen Charles Tai Gitua during the RJMEC Joint NTC and Security Mechanisms Seminar in Juba on Thursday. [Sheila Ponnie, City Review].

The Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs, Angelina Teny, urged the parliament to expedite the ratification of the pending bills.

 “At last when the unified forces assume their duties, they also need to have fresh laws that have been amended as per the agreement,” Teny said

She was speaking at the graduation ceremony of the first batch of unified forces in Juba on Tuesday.

Teny said the government is committed to completing the unification of all the forces.

“Now we have unified the top [leadership] but we have not yet unified the middle, we have to unify the middle so that once we deploy them, we deploy them into a unified command,” she explained.

The first batch comprises 53,000 forces and on Tuesday the government graduated only 16,778 forces.

 “We will also be starting the planning on the deployment of the forces,” Teny said.

However, the unity government had expressed concern about the country’s lack of firearms as the unified forces graduated without them.

Teny explained that the issue of guns will be a part of a long-term strategy on how to transform the organised forces.

“This will be part of the white paper; there are serious challenges, but we will take it to step by step. We are going to work very hard to transform this army; we want to see the army in a place where it deserves to be among the East African Community,” she explained.