TB cases on rise in Rumbek amid food cuts

TB cases on rise in Rumbek amid food cuts

At least 174 cases of tuberculosis have been recorded at Lakes State Rumbek State Hospital since January.

Dr Daniel Lueth, who is in charge of the tuberculosis department at Rumbek State Hospital, said both pulmonary tuberculosis and extrapulmonary tuberculosis have been reported in the hospital.

However, Dr Lueth said that within this month, they have registered five cases.

“Those who are admitted in the ward are 11 children and 13 adults,” he said.

He lamented the decision by the World Food Programme to stop supplying food to the patients, saying they are staring at serious health problems.

“The WFP has stopped supplying food for the tuberculosis patients. We haven’t had food for tuberculosis patients for a year and a half,” he said.

He said this poses a great threat to patients especially those living with HIV and TB.

“Others have now stopped taking drugs because they don’t have food and that is a serious challenge outside,” Lueth added.

He added that there is a lack of awareness to enable people to turn up for the treatment.

He appealed to the government and the partners to support the HIV and TB patients by resuming food distribution.

Moses Ater, a Rumbek State Hospital laboratory technician, said in a day he could record about 10 positive results for TB.

Nyibol Majok, one of the patients admitted to Rumbek Hospital, said he has stopped talking because has no food to eat.

“When I take that medicine, it makes me feel hungry and we don’t have food to eat I am about two months since I was admitted in Rumbek State Hospital,” she said.

“We are appealing to the government and the international NGOs particularly WFP to support us with energy food,” Nyibol stressed.