Tanzanian men warned against scramble for breast milk

Tanzanian men warned against scramble for breast milk
Men in Tanzania are found to have a higher affinity for breast milk, which is the major source of food for young children. [Courtesy]

A new trend or perhaps reverse roles – men in Tanzanian are said to have developed an insatiable appetite for breast milk.

And now, these adults who seems to have refused to grow up, have been told to stop competing with children for food.

A vocal legislature claims that men in Tanzania have been found to develop high liking for sucking breast milk. Most men claim that breast milk, which is the primary source of food for young children, is a good anti dot for hangover.

Last Monday, May 30, Hon. Jacquiline Msongozi stunned the Tanzanian Parliament with serious allegation that men in her country are now stealing and others, taking by force, food meant for children.

Msongozi who represents Special Seats interest in Parliament cautioned that the newly acquired feeding trend, by men, is depriving children of their right. She further warned that unless men are stopped, toddlers are at the brink of serious malnutrition.

“Mr, Speaker, there is a problem in our society. Some of these men are abusing the rights of our children by sucking the milk meant for the kids. This trend has been spotted in several regions in Tanzania.

“I’m told that they use the milk to fight hangover after taking too much alcohol,” Msongozi told Parliament.

The practice is said to be gaining traction in Tanzania since 2021.

Last year, a District Commissioner – Toba Nguvila in an address during the World Breastfeeding Week among women warned men in in Tanga region against their new found hobby.

The Citizen reported that the warning by the administrator came after a section of women complained about men who have developed a rare taste of breast milk thus denying the children the much-needed nutrients, leaving the vulnerable kick malnourished.

There is, however, little information linking or showing that breast milk can reduced hangover. However, milk in itself is composed of 80 per cent water which is a great way to rehydrate the body.

According to nutritionist Ian Marber, milk contain Casein protein which help replace lost minerals and hence can counteract alcohol and aid sleep.

While there is no known cure for hangover, it is believed that eating food little more fat and fibre can help you overcome the tress of a roving head after binge drinking. Fats can slow down alcohol absorption.