Summon Alic over dollar transactions, Parliament told

Summon Alic over dollar transactions, Parliament told

A lawmaker representing Central Equatoria State at the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA), Daniel Alli, urged the House to summon the governor of the Bank of South Sudan, Dr James Alic, to explain why most transactions are done in US dollars.

Alli argued that despite the order issued by the bank last year to transact in South Sudan Pound, most goods and services are still charged in US dollars.

“I am requesting the August House to summon the Central Bank [governor] to come and clarify exactly what is going on … why our local orders not being implemented,” he said during a sitting on Monday.

He stated that most private schools, hotels, traders and even landlords are charging in US dollars yet the country has its currency.

“If you go to our schools now, most of the schools especially private [ones]; they charge in dollars and also if you go to hotels, you find them charging in dollars even in the markets,” he said.

“Even renting in our local residence here is in dollars. This action right honourable speaker is devaluing our local currency more,” he added.  

In the same sitting, another MP from Rumbek North, Lakes State, Kuol Deng, questioned the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Albino Akol, on know why the budget for humanitarian response is made in US dollars and not South Sudan Pound.  

“My question to the minister is that [why did he] request the ministry of finance to release 50 million instead of pounds. We are South Sudanese and we are using pounds, instead, he is supposed to quote pounds and request later on, so what is this honourable speaker?” He questioned

In response, Akol said: “it is just to measure the exact value of the services we are giving because of the depreciation of our pound that we are all working to fix this.”

“When we receive the money from the ministry of finance, we don’t receive it in dollars, we receive only in SSP, so I am not using US dollars,” he added.

In February last year, BoSS banned the use of US dollars and ordered all transactions to be conducted in SSP. The bank also ordered all commercial contracts to be signed and paid for in local currency.