Sudanese kick-boxer in Juba to face S. Sudan’s Majok

Sudanese kick-boxer in Juba to face S. Sudan’s Majok
Sudanese kickboxer, Mohamed El Muniir, Puro Okelo, and Sudanese Kickboxer Mohammed Abdallah. [Photo: SSSC]

Sudanese Kickboxing Champion, Mohammed Abdallah, also known as Doshka, is in Juba to face South Sudanese champion, James Majok Gau, tomorrow. 

The two will compete in the African Continental World Muay Thai Championship (ACWMTC) Belt event—their first-ever meeting.

Upon his arrival at Juba International Airport, the Sudanese heavy-weight kickboxer expressed happiness about the planned fight saying Juba is a second home. 

“I feel like I’m in my own family and despite what has happened, we are still one family, we are stronger, we grew together; and what we want to show the people is that we are one nation,” he said. 

Doshka said that he is more than ready to compete against South Sudan’s champion, James Majok Gau, on Friday.

“Of course, I am prepared, with all the strategies and tactics my coach gave me, and with every day’s hard work, I think it is going to be an easy game for me and I hope to win,” the Sudanese boxer expressed.

He urged Sudanese kickboxing fans in South Sudan to turn up at Nyakuron Cultural Centre to attend the fight on Friday to cheer their champions. 

Meanwhile, Mohamed El Muniir, who coaches Sudanese champions Abdallah, and is also the creator of the Mukati Training Centre in Khartoum, Sudan, said it is a tremendous joy for his team to be in South Sudan to share experience and information. 

According to him, such competitions would make the champions of those nations grow to another level.

 “It is the most effective way for us as Africans to share our knowledge and experiences. It is a fantastic opportunity for us to be here in my opinion. We have the pleasure of having the whole team of South Sudan with the leadership.” 

“It is going to be the biggest opportunity for my guy to face Majok, and it is going to be a good fight and as usual we are well prepared,” El Muniir stressed. 

The boss of the Sudanese kickboxer hopes to see his kickboxer triumph against James Majok in the forthcoming battle.

“Doshka has been fighting since 2019. He is still new to the game but he had very good opportunities to compete in Abu Dhabi and Last year, Mauy Thai participated in Egypt where he won a gold medal,” the coach said.

El Muniir said the battle would be a significant challenge for him, and that it will be his first professional fight as well as his first five-round fight.

Puro Okelo, the President of the South Sudan Kickboxing Federation and a coach of James Majok Gau, was upbeat about the chances of Majok.

He said the fight between the two champions will be a wonderful and healthy one. 

He stated that even if his warrior, Majok, sustained injuries a few days ago, the game would still go on.

“Majok was injured but it will not deter him from competing for the ACWMTC.” The good news is that with our competition, we have over seven techniques to choose from, so if one gets hurt, you can switch to another,’’ said Okelo. 

According to him, competition will open doors for both sisterly countries and bring individuals from opposite sides together.

He said that the competition will begin with some local combatants before formally introducing the champions on stage at 5 p.m.

Ready to triumph

In his last interviews with The City Review, Majok, who is ranked number one in East Africa, revealed that he was doing everything possible to secure the first-ever WMO title.

“I will be ready to face whoever comes my way,’’ he said.

Majok has taken part in different competitions in Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, and other countries.

He was crowned the champion of the World Kickboxing Federation (WKF) in Egypt (Cairo) in 2018

He was ranked number one in East Africa after defeating Ugandan heavyweight boxer, Golola Moses, in Juba.