Sudanese kick-boxer beats Majok to clinch maiden title

Sudanese kick-boxer beats Majok to clinch maiden title
Mohammed Abdallah celebrates after winning the kickboxing match against South Sudan’s James Majok. [Photo: courtesy]

Sudanese Kickboxing Champion, Mohammed Abdallah, commonly known as Doshka, shed tears of joy after beating South Sudanese and East African champion, James Majok Gau, to clinch his first international belt.

The two met in the belt event of the African Continental World Muay Thai Championship (ACWMTC), which was their first tie in such a tournament in Africa.

Doshka, who had flown from Khartoum, Sudan, for the competition, could not believe he had won so easily over the aggressive East African fighter.

“Thank you, everyone. I do not know what I could say as of now, but most importantly, I am at home. I won today against the best in East Africa, and I believe he is still the best in the region. “

Elated after the win

“Majok is a strong fighter. I never believed I could fight against him, but all in all, I emerged the winner, “the Sudanese fighter expressed after the competition.

Meanwhile, James Majok Gau congratulated the Sudanese pugilist for being the winner of the MOW, saying it is normal and happens in sports.

“This is how the sport is. Regardless of how strong you are, or on the winning side, one day, you may expect defeat. “Yes, I never use my knee much,” the South Sudanese kick-boxer highlights, “but I managed to throw him three times with me not touching the floor, and he pretended that I hit him with blows, which was not true.”

“So, even if I am cheated today, I will be ready to go and fight back the belt in some months to come,” he promised the fans.

Puro Okelo, the President of the South Sudan Kickboxing Federation and a coach of James Majok Gau, who was also one of the judges, said it was a very fair result and there was no wrong decision.

“Because this is a sporting event, we play fairly and judge people accordingly. Sports, of course, are a level playing field. I can’t give him if I see something improper since he’s from South Sudan, but we will provide according to the laws of the game, “he said. 

Okelo doubles as the founder of the African Kickboxing MMA Muay Thai academy and a former Canadian professional kickboxer. 

“Fairness and justice are my ethics and statements to promote fair play,” he continued. “James Majok Gau is a powerful and fearless fighter.” Low blows below the belt, on the other hand, are prohibited in all sports, “he said.

He stated that the game should be a learning experience for his partner, James Majok and that knowing the rules of the game is always beneficial for kickboxers. 

“Let’s be clear. Sport does not tolerate unlawful blows or illegal knees below the belt. We made it a point to disqualify him and issue a warning.” 

“I understand Majok is abrasive and physically powerful, but that does not give him the right to hit, and the decision is final. James Majok Gau is without a doubt Africa’s best boxer,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Sudanese champions Abdallah coach Mohamed El Muniir, who also founded the Mukati Training Centre in Khartoum, Sudan, said it was one of the most amazing games his side has ever played.