Sudanese ambassador dismisses deal extension reports

Sudanese ambassador dismisses deal extension reports
Charles Gituiai,R-JMEC interim chairperson and President Salva Kiir

The ambassador of Sudan to South Sudan dismissed reports that the South Sudan transitional government has hatched a plan to extend its stay in power.

According to Ambassador Gamal Goraish, who spoke with The City Review yesterday, the Sudanese minister of foreign affairs, visited Juba this week to meet with the presidency to discuss a number of issues, including the graduation of forces and the extension of the transitional period. However, some local media took his quotes out of context.

“I cannot confirm or say (that extension is true), this is what happened because, as I said, the parties are discussing this issue of extension of the transitional period. It is up to them because this is what the agreement says: parties must agree first,” he said.

“We listened carefully to them, and we believe that discussions are taking place between the parties on these issues. Hopefully, we will hear the outcomes of the discussions soon, as they told us that they are discussing, and perhaps soon they will launch what they have discussed and agreed on,” he said.

The diplomat said it is up to the parties to make a decision because they are the primary stakeholders in the agreement and that IGAD will respect whatever decision they make.

“Whatever they agree, they will report it to us through their mechanism to RJMEC.”

 “They do the process through the presidency, the parliament and then RJMEC and IGAD will come and say “we as parties to the agreement, accept. This is our recommendation and this is what we agreed upon our decisions.”