Students threaten legal action against Kampala University over graduation drama

Students threaten legal action against Kampala University over graduation drama
future of hundreds of students from Kampala University on the brink after the main campus said that “we don’t know you” ahead graduation.

More than 300 South Sudanese students studying at Juba’s Kampala University have vowed a lawsuit against the institution over their failed graduation.

This comes as the university’s main campus in Uganda prepares to celebrate its 19th graduation ceremony in Gabba, Kampala, on Thursday this week. 

However, South Sudanese students who were pursuing various courses under the Juba branch will not be able to graduate because of improper coordination between the two colleges. 

Peter Liep was looking forward to being the first member of his family to walk away with a degree on Thursday, but the tragic developments dashed his hopes. He was pursuing a course in public health.

 “We were told that you would not be able to graduate because we don’t know you. This was very devastating,’’ he lamented.

 “We were torn down psychologically.” We reported it to the embassy, and the case is not yet handled. There is no hope for graduation; it is saddening to our parents and families. “

He is one of the students trapped in Kampala with just two days to graduation day.

Guot Guot Akol, one of the disgruntled students who travelled from Aweil in Northern Bahr el Ghazal to Kampala, challenged the university vice chancellor to come out and clear issue.

“Katerega (Badru), the vice-chancellor, was the one that wrote to the minister of higher education—embassies and to everyone—telling them that it was him who allowed Kampala University to operate in South Sudan and that’s the reason everyone enrolled and has been graduating students all along up to last year in March, when the last batch was graduated,” Akol said.

Kampala University was founded in 2015 and has been graduating students since then.

This time, however, those who have been studying Accounting, Logistics, Procurement, Business Administration, Public Health, and Political Science will watch as their colleagues don the gown.

The students vowed to stay at the campus till they are graduated. They called on the South Sudan National Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology to intervene and ensure their rights are served.