Student leader takes oath at Dr. John Garang University

Student leader takes oath at Dr. John Garang University
Michael Garang Kuir, the newl- sworn in Guild President for students’ union at Dr. john Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology taking oath of the office in front of the student’s body.[Chol Riak, City Review]

The Guild President and other student union leaders at Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology were on Tuesday sworn in to formally take over office since being elected in early March this year.

Michael Kuir Garang garnered 265 votes to beat his opponent, Nyuon Michael Bol who had 180, making Garang Michael Kuir the Guild President of Dr. John Garang University

The event was attended by the acting governor of Jonglei State, Tuong Majok Deng, Legal Advisor to the governor of Jonglei State Diing Akol Diing, and Deng Mabeny Kuot Jonglei State Legal Administrator among other state officials.

Addressing the crowd, Ajith Solomon Awan, the outgoing president said being a leader is to take a task and face challenges adding that his leadership kept the students united. 

“This university consists of students from different regions and with my leadership, I have managed to restore the unity among them (students). In every leadership, there must have been opposition at my time. I was almost going home without learning how to handle opposition,” Awan said.

However, Garang, promised to work for the interest of the students. He added that he would work with the university’s administration to address the challenges facing the students.

“I am entreating to the student’s body to remain united and the union will be strong and be able to manage all the challenges that we are facing at our great university,” he said.

He urged the university administration to support and collaborate with the student’s union in order to address challenges together.

Meanwhile, deputy vice-chancellor for administration and finance, Professor Kuel Maluil Jok, urged the incoming leadership to concentrate on their objectives.

“You should not refer students again to the university’s administration. Your obligation is to collect money through your union for addressing some of your tasks as students.” Kuel said. 

However, he encourages students to work hard in order to obtain high grades in order to get scholarships for further studies.