SSPDF claims RSF, South Sudanese rebels plan to attack Heglig

SSPDF claims RSF, South Sudanese rebels plan to attack Heglig

Maj. Gen. Manyang Mayak, Unity State’s fourth infantry commander [Photo: Courtesy]

The South Sudan People’s Defence Forces (SSPDF) Fourth Infantry commander in Unity State, Maj. Gen. Manyang Mayak, claimed the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) are collaborating with a South Sudanese rebel group to launch an attack on Heglig oil fields.

Speaking to The City Review on Friday, Gen. Mayak claimed the SSPDF soldiers on the border have been monitoring the RSF’s collaboration with South Sudanese rebels under the leadership of Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang.

“We were informed by our soldiers on the border that the RSF and the forces led by Gen. Buay Rolnyang were about to attack Heglig oilfields on Wednesday,” Mayak said.

 He added, “We came here yesterday [Thursday] with the security advisor for Unity State and commissioner of Rubkona County.”  

Gen. Mayak alleged that the RSF had been recruiting South Sudanese youth to back them up in their fight with the Sudanese army.

“That is the reason why RSF is collaborating with the forces loyal to Gen. Stephen Buay.”

“Buay has no enough forces to attack Heglig, but because of the Nuer, who were recruited by the RSF, that is why they want to join forces to attack our forces in Heglig,” he added.

He said they have credible information about the collaboration between RSF and Gen. Buay Rolnyang forces in Sudan.

However, Gen Mayak said they reinforced the border, saying they were ready to fight back if they were attacked Gen Buay.

However, The City Review could not get  rebuttal from the RSF of Sudan or the accused rebel forces.