SSOMA allege hidden plans to derail Nairobi Peace Talks

SSOMA allege hidden plans to derail Nairobi Peace Talks

The representative of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOMA), Lual Dau. [Photo: courtesy of Eye Radio]

The South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOMA) denied authoring a viral letter claiming that that the holdout group had a raft of recommendations, among them proposing three years for President Salva Kiir to lead the nation and hand over a power.   

In a press statement to the media on Sunday, the representative of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOMA), Lual Dau, said the document titled “Fundamental Issues for Achieving Peace in South Sudan,” was a source of disinformation and misinformation and must be shunned.

“I am here to release a press statement in regards to disinformation by the enemies of peace. It has come to the attention of the leaders of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance, SSOMA, and other opposition groups that a document labeled Fundamental Issues for Achieving Peace in South Sudan is circulating on social media,” he noted.

According to Lual, the document has nothing to do with SSOMA, and the author is unknown at the moment.

“This document has nothing to do with us, so it was created somewhere. We don’t know who the author of the document is; leave alone who leaked it,” he said.

Lual stated that the leaders of SSOMA and other opposition groups condemn “in the strongest terms possible, these malicious activities of enemies of peace in South Sudan and in the region, working tirelessly to distract the attention of the public and the parties participating in the Tumaini Initiative.”

“SSOMA and other opposition groups strongly condemn the dissemination of this document, labeling it as the work of “enemies of peace” aiming to disrupt the peace process in South Sudan.”

Lual said the progress of the negotiation is reassuring and going to plan despite the malicious attempts by unknown individuals to cripple it.

“As far as we are concerned, the People’s Coalition for Civil Action (PCCA), other stakeholders, the government, and the opposition groups, we are all here negotiating in this hall, and at this point, what I’m trying to make very clear is that there is nothing or no document from us under this title that is circulating. So, the whole thing, as I said earlier, is misinformation,” Lual said.

He alleged that they have reliable information there are individuals planning to “publish and disseminate misinformation about the peace talks with the aim of causing internal confusion among us, among our forces and our members, and to cause the collapse of the initiative.”

The document, dated June 7, 2024, alleged that the SSOMA had listed several issues as the possible triggers of violence and nation insecurity.

It alleged that President Salva Kiir should oversee the transition and shelve his political ambitions.

 “We propose that the President be given 3 years in office to prepare for an honorable exit by simply not participating in the next presidential elections,” it partly read.

Last week, the government spokesperson, Michael Makuei, revealed that the negotiating parties would respond to the draft document detailing their sticky issues after committing to a protocol to restore trust and confidence during the talks.